Estate and Block Management

Wards have been carrying out estate & block management since 1989; We now manage over 70 schemes ranging from 4 units up to 160 units primarily in Leicestershire, but also the surrounding counties. The schemes themselves are of various types and comprise apartment blocks, houses, maisonettes and mixed use sites including retirement villages. Also, we are appointed by Persimmon Homes and David Wilson Homes on new schemes.

We are Chartered Surveyors and accordingly the way in which we collect service charges (client money) is closely regulated and monitored by our professional body – the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

Our Services

We will offer you a tailored service specific to your requirements, however our role would include the following basic items:

Calculation of service charge budgets

Collection of ground rents and service charges

Placing and collection of sinking funds

Management and administration of caretaking and site maintenance contracts

Annual accountant preparation for budget reviews

Monthly book and record up keep of all monies paid into a clients’ account

Routine maintenance visits

Organisation of communal repairs, cleaning, gardening, decoration and payment of water and electricity bills

Hosting of Annual General Meetings and general liaising with residents throughout the year.

Assistance of solicitors during the sale of properties.

For more information please get in touch with our property experts

Ben Moore



Katie Varden

Block & Estate Property Manager


Our Philosophy

It is our view that too many flats are poorly managed and many residents have little, or no input into the management of their homes. Many managing agents seem to be faceless entities simply responsible for issuing invoices, who are never seen on site and are slow to react to residents problems. Having taken over the management of many blocks we find accounts, when produced are rarely substantial and meetings have only occasionally been held, even when they are a legal requirement.

Our ethos is to work with residents to provide practical and effective management, where leaseholders can call and speak to someone who has a physical knowledge of the site! We aim to create an environment where meetings are held and accounts are presented and discussed, with the service charge budget set in agreement with residents. We offer accountability – practically and literally.

Residents and owners can expect

Face to face management

At least two members of staff will have physical knowledge of all of our developments. This is a great benefit when faults or problems are reported.


It is a statutory requirement of an incorporated company to hold Annual General Meetings!

Unless specified in an agreement with residents we always hold meetings at a time and place convenient to the development. The meetings are used to openly discuss the accounts and to set a service charge for the ensuing year. We always encourage owners to appreciate how the charge is calculated.

Transparent Accounting

We are a chartered surveyors and as such have to adhere to strict clients’ money accounting procedures. We open a new clients bank account for every development. Owners are welcome and encouraged to inspect the financial records and bank statements of the management company.


We aim to work with owners rather than simply dictating services. Wherever practical, we discuss major projects at an owners meeting, taking into account all owners views.